Movie Screening

                                       IIS (deemed to be UNIVERSITY)

                                Discipline of Mathematics and Statistics


                                    Movie Screening (The Lorax)


Date- 27th February 2023

Start Time- 9:30 a.m.

Venue- Aditya Hall

No. of Participants- 60 


Discipline of Mathematics and Statistics organized a movie screening on 27th February 2023

On the Occasion of National Science Day in connection with G-20 University Connect Program on Theme “Get a LIFE: Promoting Eco-Friendly Lifestyle”.


Objective of the Event: To increase awareness towards environmental degradation, promoting Eco-Friendly lifestyle and increase a sense of responsibility among students, the film ‘The Lorax’ was screened as part of celebration of National Science Day.


The film ‘The Lorax’ based on a very sensitive issue of deforestation and its ill effects was screened for the students and faculties of IISU on 27th of February 2023.The show was enjoyed by 60 students of the University. The movie dealt with the harsh truth of rapid and unplanned urbanization and industrialization and their adverse effects. The story revolved around a person who over-exploited the forest for his benefits making the conditions for the wildlife inhabitable in-spite of several efforts make by ‘Lorax’, the savior of the forest. The movie also depicted the efforts made by a young boy who by his efforts made it possible to reverse the adverse effects of deforestation and could make the place green again.


Outcome of the event

After viewing the dark side of deforestation, the students could understand the significance of trees in an individual’s life. The movie could also create a sense of responsibility among the students for conservation of forest and live an Eco-Friendly lifestyle.