Workshop on “Introduction to R Programming Language”

                            IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur

                    Department of Physical and Computing Science

                                    Discipline of Statistics


 Workshop on “Introduction to R Programming Language”


Date: 23 February, 2023                                             Time: 10:30- 12:00 pm

Title: Workshop on “Introduction to R Programming Language”


Target Audience: Undergraduate, Postgraduate Students and Research scholars of the discipline.

Venue: CIT Lab A

The discipline of Statistics is going to start a value-added course on R programming. A workshop was conducted for all UG, PG, and discipline scholars in order to raise knowledge of the language. R offers a wide variety of statistics-related libraries and provides a favourable environment for statistical computing and design. In addition, the R programming language gets used by many quantitative analysts as a programming tool since it's useful for data importing and cleaning. Workshop coordinator Mr. Nikunj Sharma started the programme by discussing about the importance of R programming for the science students and its function in research. he instructed them on how to work online or download R software in order to begin using that language. He encouraged students to enrol in the value-added course.

The workshop was attended by 34 students of various semesters. Students enjoyed the activities planned by the discipline and gained an insight about the R programming.


Activity Outcome: To make student aware about the recent trends in R programming and to encourage them to enrol in the department's value-added course.