Key features of statistics

Being a mathematical science dept, Statistics is concerned with the accumulation, analysis, reading and presentation of data.
Statistics is a branch of study which takes within its periphery a broad spectrum of academic disciplines ranging from physical and social sciences to humanities.
The study of Statistics encompasses both mathematical statistics and applied statistics.
The abstract conceptualizations of mathematics are duly taken care of by mathematical statistics. Statistics acquired the status of highly crucial branch of mathematics and is practiced extensively in devising basic models of probability in modern age.
Application area of statistics
Statistics has wide application in almost all fields like geography, economics, food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, insurance, mathematics, etc.
What careers are there in statistics ?
The bachelors of statistics is designed to produce graduates who are able to deliver crucial insight within an increasingly information driven business environment .
Examples of employment opportunity include

  • Applied research, for example market research
  • Academic research ,particularly social sciences
  • The government sector employs statisticians to assist with policy/program development and evaluation
  • Business analyst within finance and banking sector